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Impounded Cars for Sale

Are you looking for impounded cars for sale?  Impounded cars are vehicles that the police have seized from criminals and people involved in other illegal types of activity.  The impounded cars are kept at an impound lot until the police hold an auction and put them up for sale.  The police sell the impounded cars as a way to clear out the lot and to reclaim the funds spent on recovering the cars and maintaining their police station.  They're not car-dealers and the police want to get rid of the cars as quickly as possible. 

Just about anyone can bid on the impounded cars for sale.  Contact your local police jurisdiction for information on any upcoming auctions.  The condition of the impounded cars for sale will vary.  If you're inexperienced with buying vehicles, consider bringing along a friend or a mechanic who has prior experience at car auctions.  You'll be allowed to check out the impounded cars prior to the auction, though you can't test drive any of them.  Usually the police will require payment for any winning bids at the conclusion of the auction, so you should be prepared with personal checks or money orders.  Police car auctions can't guarantee good deals, but there's a pretty good chance you'll come across a gem in one of the impounded cars for sale.

For abandoned or stolen vehicles, police usually conduct an intense search to find the owner of the vehicle.  If, after a period of time, they go unclaimed, the police put the impounded cars up for sale in an auction.  Sheriffs hold impounded car auctions regularly to get rid of the vehicles stored at the impound lots. 

All of the impounded cars for sale are sold “as-is.”  Prior to the auction, bidders are allowed to inspect the impounded cars for sale; however they can’t be test driven.  In order to bid, you must be at least eighteen years old.  Most winning bids must pay their full bid when the sale is final.  The price may include tax and auctioneer tip.  Most of the impounded cars for sale must be at the end of the day of the auction.  If you bought a vehicle without a running engine, it’s your responsibility to arrange transport out of the impound lot. Auction procedures can vary by state.   In order to find impounded cars for sale in your area, contact your local police jurisdiction. 


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