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Impound Auction

An impound auction is when police sell seized and confiscated vehicles to the public. Cars end up at the impound lot because of the owner’s criminal activity, failure to make payment, or if the cars have been
abandoned.  The police hold an impound auction to get rid of the cars and to refund the costs of towing and storing the vehicles.  Those interested in bidding on a vehicle at an impound auction should have a
clear understanding of impound auction rules and regulations.  State laws may vary.  Bidding can occur at the impound lot or in an online auction.  It’s usually a good idea for the bidder to see the cars before
placing a bid.  The vehicles are sold “as is” at an impound auction and do not include a warranty or a mechanical inspection.  The winning bidders are expected to take the vehicle from the lot at the conclusion of the auction.  Therefore it is important the bidder has a clear idea of what he or she is looking for.  Because many of the vehicles at an impound auction have been abandoned or involved in a crime or a crash, they are
listed well below market price.  Those experienced with bidding at an impound auction can find a great deal.

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